Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Princess Kahina began life as the daughter of a powerful African king. Warriors from a rivaling tribe discovered her walking far from home one day. Despite having several servants with her, all were overpowered and captured. The enemy tribe then sold them all into slavery.

Because of her position and power, she became greatly admired among the slaves. Her nobility also made her a novelty among Europeans. She was allowed to keep her servants and they followed her to the New World. Eventually, she was taken to a farm in rural Scott County, Virginia. The family there allowed her to keep her servants and she was given the finest cabin.

She would only consent to learn new things if the instructor showed the appropriate respect. Slaves who lived near recognized her and displayed necessary ceremony. She became famous throughout Virginia. She remained with the family for seventy years, and even after slavery ended, chose to stay in her home.


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