Pistols and Whiskey

Gate City witnessed two different shootings on May 25, 1903. “Lil” Ramey tried to run Brayton Salyer off his property after he discovered Salyer’s illicit distillery. Ramey, nephew of outlaw Jack Ramey, shot Salyer in the leg, but Salyer escaped. Salyer had just got out of the “pen” for distilling.

Pat Boatwright shot and seriously injured Patrick Hagan, Jr. Patrick was the son of the famous visionary Col. Patrick Hagan. He was shot three times, but survived.

Hagan suffered another tragedy ten years later, in August 1913. His wife and three children were on an outing in Erwin, Tennessee. A downpour caused a flashflood and all waterways rose dangerously high. She tried to cross the surge before it got any higher, but both horse and carriage were swept away in the currents. She escaped the currents with two children, but their 7-year-old daughter drowned.


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The Tri-Cities region encompasses three main cities, in two states, as well as numerous towns and villages. It has a combined population of around 500,000. This region is located among the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. It extends from Saltville, Virginia, through Unicoi County, Tennessee.
Bizarre Tri-Cities is filled with folklore, true crime, oddities, discoveries, ghost stories, and historic events that have been forgotten by mainstream history books. It covers such topics as the Buchanan County Butcher, Bristol’s Axe Murderer, the Marble Hall Fiend, strange mines, vanishing plagues, disappearing Civil War battalions, the truth behind the Rotherwood legends, strange lights in the sky, and historic structures we have lost in time. History has never been more fascinating… or more bizarre.
The first edition of Bizarre TriCities was released in 2001 as a hardcopy of the articles contained in VaCreeper.com. Because the book drew such interest, it has been redone, expanded, reformatted, and redesigned to be a far more detailed volume.
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