Kings Mountain Memorial Hospital

This notable structure was once the hub of technology and architecture. The gorgeous detail to the exterior made it one of the most amazing structures in Bristol, VA and Bristol, TN.

Kings Mountain Memorial was constructed between 1924-1925. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution spearheaded the movement to create this fine facility for residents of Bristol, VA/TN. After 30 years of struggle, the edifice was finished, and was a state-of-the-art structure. The hospital was named in memorial of the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War.

In it’s day, this hospital had everything imaginable, and even many features unimaginable to surrounding Appalachian residents. A solarium, roof garden, steam vacuum heat, a terrazzo, a surgical floor, special quarters for nursery and obstetrics, as well as both private and semiprivate rooms. These were just a few of the amenities available to residents.

The hospital closed in 1953 as a new, more modern facility had opened a short distance away. Kings Mountain was almost a college, but that venture fell through. Eventually, the now abandoned structure became a nursing home. Within a few years, the building was empty.

A series of neglectful owners and lastly a neglectful community (sorry, but it’s true) left this structure damaged. Crime was allowed to take place on premises despite attempts to curtail it. The end result is a piece of history gone forever.

Despite the documented constant struggle of those early residents who worked 30 years to raise funding for the hospital, despite the fact that it was the savior for many when disaster hit, and the contributions made to the community by a caring staff, there was no savior for the hospital. The construction was demolished in 2008 much to the disappointment of citizens living in and away from the area.

Name: Kings Mountain Memorial Hospital

Status: Demolished 2008

Location: State Street, Bristol, Virginia

Ownership: N/A

Constructed: 1927


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