Hereditary Druids

Hereditary Druid of the Cuilliaéan:

 The first priests and mystics of Europe are variously regarded as the mysterious “druids” — a family and class of people long forgotten in history. The word “druid” is a neither a proto-european word, nor original word of the Gaelic language. Instead it is a title assigned to them a millennium later in an attempt to hide their identity.

These most sacred of all priests belonged to a single family cast, known by the same title –therefore Cuilliaéan is arguably the earliest “family name” in history. Contrary to misinformation presented on the Druid class, a person could not be trained to become a Cuilliaéan, they had to be born into the Cuilliaéan.”

Whether you find truth in this or insanity; still it is an remarkable theory.

There were and are many descendants today of the Cuilliaéan, not all were Irish, some were Celtic, and some Germanic. Each society had its own line of hereditary Druids. There are Collins, Cullen, McCollins and O’Collins in Ireland, England, and Scotland. France shows Cullin and Collin. In Wales, it is Collen(which translates to mean “hazel”). Germany has von Collen which can translate to mean from Cologne, but what about Collenberg? The Druid mountain. Thus, it is a race of tree people descended from the first people of our race Ask(ash) and Embla(elm).

To be of the Cuilliaéan lineage, one would have to have a surname or at least a paternal line through one of that Collins variant. An excellent website highlighting this can be found here.

With the onset of “genetic genealogy” much confusion is added to an already unstable database of y-dna samples. We have Caucasians with African dna and Africans with Irish dna. Do not be fooled into believing the hype that many Southern Caucasians of the y-dna haplogroup descend from an interracial relationship. The y-dna can tell if 2 or more males share a common ancestor within the last 400 years. It can tell where your paternal ancestors were 5,000- 10,000 years ago. It also has been proven through my own research and that of others that these “haplogroups” which are assigned to each one who takes the test can actually mutate and change over the course of 200-400 years. Imagine in 1511 your ancestor was I2b1 and in 2011, you are E1b1a. Does this really pass any muster?

It is almost laughable that they, the false “Gods” of no special bloodline have hoodwinked genealogists everywhere into believing their lies.

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