Fact vs. Folklore: The Rotherwood Mansion

The Rotherwood Mansion from a 1950s photograph.

Rotherwood is a legendary home in Hawkins County, Tennessee. It’s known as a true plantation house, one of the last remaining structures of its kind in the Tri-Cities. The lore surrounding the property is almost as enormous as the home.

Rotherwood’s paranormal activity has been featured in countless websites, books, and on several television shows, including a Haunted History special on the History Channel. The detail of many legends is impressive, but this type of attention has a dark side. There comes a point where tall tales aren’t just entertainment any longer. They’re accepted as fact.

The investigation of Rotherwood stems from years of hearing those well-worn stories. Strangely enough, most of the lore surrounding this property is eerily similar to that of countless other historic properties of the same era. It seems the history of many locations has been reduced to nothing more than an amalgamation of stereotypes. Brief information on the other properties will be provided at the end of the Rotherwood series. Due to its age and the extensive series of events that occurred around it, Rotherwood deserves a full article series.

Frankly, Rotherwood is more known for fiction than fact. Its complex and unique history has been reduced to a handful of poorly manufactured, paper-thin clichés. Joshua Phipps is a stunning example of what manipulation of local history produces. Unfortunately, it seems tabloid tactics have found their way into our history books in recent decades.

The primary purpose of “Fact vs. Folklore” is to see just how far folklore strays from any facts. It’s a battlefactfolklore to see which version has more excitement and intrigue. Do the legends do Rotherwood justice? Or has a superior history been overlooked in lieu of modern trends and contrived legends?

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