The Consumption House

An old farmhouse was nestled inside a hollow, in the Fulkerson area of Scott County, Virginia. It gained a reputation for a tremendous number of paranormal events that were witnessed by many county residents.

The Miller family lived in the old homestead for years. As far as it can be traced, the house was built in the 1910s. The construction was atop the remains of another home that burned to the ground years before. Sadly, their youngest son contracted consumption in the 1950s. The family couldn’t afford to send him to the sanatorium, so they had to work with what they had.

The young man was forced into quarantine on the top floor of the two-story house. The windows were nailed shut. The only entrance and exit to the upper floor was a staircase built into the home’s walls. The door was bolted shut unless someone slid a plate of food or water inside. Prolonged isolation from family, from friends, from the world outside, eventually drove him mad.

His mania worsened until he physically scratched the walls daily, as if to find a way out of the house. He cried that he didn’t want to die. He yelled for loved ones, but no one could help. He eventually succumbed to tuberculosis, but it is debated if he actually left. The house changed after his death. People still heard his footsteps overhead. They heard him stomp up and down the built-in stairs. They heard his scratches and muffled cries long after he was buried.

The last of the original family moved out and the house sat empty for over a decade. Strange things continued, even when no one was in the home. Farmers nearby heard immense crashes from the home, but upon investigation, nothing was amiss. At one point, a local man crested a hill near the house and heard what he described as the roof caving in. He immediately went to the house expecting to see fallen walls and plumes of dust, but the house was fine.

A newly-wedded couple named Davis moved into the old homestead in the 1960s. Since they had no use for it, they sealed the top floor off. The barrier didn’t muffle the sounds. The same noises plagued them. After a brief stay, the couple moved elsewhere.

The Malcolm family moved into the property in the early 1970s. The deep scratches on the upper floor walls, done by the Miller’s consumptive son, still had traces of blood in them. It was repaired as well as possible, but that had no effect on the strange sounds and activity.

A family friend visited one evening. He went to get a glass of water in the kitchen. He glanced out the window over the sink and found a glowing figure stared back at him. He fled the home and never returned. People who stood upon the nearby mountaintop often watched huge, glowing lights descend the mountain and hover towards the structure. Legend said it was the ghostly visitors who frequented the house.

One of the Malcolm’s children and a relative walked home to pick up something for her parents, who were with neighbors. The two teenagers heard voices inside as they approached. They looked around for visitors, but the house was empty. Shadow figures commonly darted through the home. Objects moved of their own accord. People heard their names called, but never found a source.

The house’s end was just as mysterious. The master bedroom was situated on the first floor, in what could be described as the “heart of the house.” One of the Malcolm sons opened the door to the master bedroom and an immense blaze shot out. The entire home was engulfed minutes later. By the time the blaze died, the entire structure was gone.

No one ever determined the cause for the blaze.


* Names have been changed to protect the families still in the area.


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