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Welcome to Virginia Creeper, home for all things Appalachian. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountain range on the continent of North America. This impressive chain reaches up the east coast, from Alabama, to Newfoundland . Fortunately, these mountains have a history that’s just as wide and diverse. Virginia Creeper focuses on the Central and Southern Appalachian regions, particularly the Tri-Cities region.

Our region’s history is just a reflection of American history. The Appalachians witnessed feuds, whereas New York City witnessed gang warfare. Our outlaws were complex characters, just as those found in the Wild West. People fought for, and died for, their land, just as was done in the Midwest during settlement. Our moonshiners battled for territory and power, just as organized crime bosses waged turf wars during Prohibition. Our lawmen were sometimes only “lawmen” because they wore a badge.

From the latter portion of the Nineteenth Century onward, journalists and like-minded individuals nationwide have manipulated, embellished, and even fabricated tales of Appalachian life. A practice that continues today. We hope to cut through the haze of stereotypical melodrama and provide an unbiased, clear picture of our history.

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  1. Believe me southerners have no monopoly on white trash:-) Matter of fact on average I’d say they have better sense then us folks north of Dixie,on average that is,we’re not all liberal Obama supporters as some would believe:-)

    1. Hi, Alfred! Thanks for visiting.

      Well, that seems to be all that anyone is interested in when it comes to television or documentaries. There’s actually a world of history beyond stereotypes. I hope to highlight that people were just as interesting, flawed, passionate, and alive as the rest of the nation.

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