A Strange Confession

An African-American business owner in Bristol lay on his deathbed, in February 1876. He’d enjoyed a successful life and had well-established himself, as well as his family. The confessions from his final hours shocked loved ones, and left authorities baffled.

He said a stranger visited his bar with a great deal of money three years earlier. His establishment also doubled as a barbershop. The two men became fast friends and drank together. He eventually offered the stranger a shave. He agreed. The dying man claimed while he shaved the customer, he slit his throat open, and took his money. He even gave details of where he’d weighed the body down and sank it into the dark waterway. He claimed his crime was well-concealed. No one ever reported the man, or his money, missing. He said he didn’t want to die with murder on his conscience.

Did he actually commit a crime? No one ever knew. He died just a short time later. Authorities dragged the area where he said the body would be, but nothing was ever found. His name was not released out of respect for his family.



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The Tri-Cities region encompasses three main cities, in two states, as well as numerous towns and villages. It has a combined population of around 500,000. This region is located among the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. It extends from Saltville, Virginia, through Unicoi County, Tennessee.
Bizarre Tri-Cities is filled with folklore, true crime, oddities, discoveries, ghost stories, and historic events that have been forgotten by mainstream history books. It covers such topics as the Buchanan County Butcher, Bristol’s Axe Murderer, the Marble Hall Fiend, strange mines, vanishing plagues, disappearing Civil War battalions, the truth behind the Rotherwood legends, strange lights in the sky, and historic structures we have lost in time. History has never been more fascinating… or more bizarre.
The first edition of Bizarre TriCities was released in 2001 as a hardcopy of the articles contained in VaCreeper.com. Because the book drew such interest, it has been redone, expanded, reformatted, and redesigned to be a far more detailed volume.
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