Joe Mulhatton


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Joe Mulhatton: The Appalachian Baron Munchausen

February 27, 2017
Joseph "Joe" Mulhatton (1848-1913) was an icon of the Appalachians at one time who slipped through the fingers of memory. Despite a surge of

Classic Mulhattons from the Famous Liar

February 27, 2017
These are brief, paraphrased, and summarized articles from the tales and legends Mulhatton claimed. This is a unique glimpse into the imaginings of the

Suspected Mulhattons from Unknown Authors

February 27, 2017
These fake works are often attributed to Mulhatton, but it remains to be verified if they are actually "Mulhatton originals." As a result, they

A Salute to the Liar Mulhatton

February 27, 2017
For some reason, Mulhatton drew a sudden following in 1910. Perhaps it was the discovery that he was still alive, or that he'd found