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The Campbell County Horror

March 4, 2017
Country music singer Bobby Mackey owns "Bobby Mackey's Music World" in Wilder, Kentucky. This Campbell County institution is globally renown for a variety of

The Gruesome Circus

March 4, 2017
[Collected from various sources] Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling murdered Pearl Bryan in 1896. The two Satanists decapitated her head and disposed of it

Men on Trial

March 4, 2017
Jackson's trial went from April 21 through May 14. The prosecution had 113 witnesses, his defense had 83.

It Ends with Death

October 26, 2016
Both Jackson and Walling authored a final confession the day before the hanging. Their letters were supposed to go to Governor William Bradley's office.
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Pearl Bryan’s Skull

March 4, 2017
Pearl Bryan's skull turned up in quite a few places, but never in the "well" at Bobby Mackey's. A female skull was found in

The Curse of Pearl Bryan

March 4, 2017
As with many controversial cases in history, rumors of a curse emerged in the years following the trial and execution. Some people claim it

The Latin Quarter

March 4, 2017
[Collected from various sources] The slaughterhouse fell into decay as the years passed by. No one wanted it.