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The Curse of Dry Gulch

March 28, 2017
Virginia City, better known as Dry Gulch Junction, was a wild west attraction in Wytheville, Virginia. Dry Gulch was situated on the edge of

Kings Mountain Memorial Hospital

March 4, 2017
This notable structure was once the hub of technology and architecture. The gorgeous detail to the exterior made it one of the most amazing

The John Bachman House

March 4, 2017
The John Bachman house is a landmark that dates back to the early 1800s. The house is located in the Horse Creek area of


February 27, 2017
The location of the Cloudland resort is marked by a plaque atop Roan Mountain. General John T.

The Ford Devil in Stanley Valley

February 27, 2017
There was a famous haunting in the Stanley Valley portion of Hawkins County, Tennessee. The Ford family once dealt with a spirit that could

Stone Mountain’s Strangest Mine

February 27, 2017
At the turn of the Twentieth Century, a natural formation on Stone Mountain promised to be a major attraction. Stone Mountain is directly on

The Caged Ghost of Glenwood

February 27, 2017
Frank Turnbrook, who would eventually become General Frank Turnbrook, left his wife and children to enlist in the Civil War in 1861. Mrs.

The Murder of Elsie Lawson

February 27, 2017
Elsie Lawson was a bright and vivacious 11-year-old in 1921. She lived with her family at the end of Pulp Row, or "Chinch Row"

Rotherwood Sources:

February 27, 2017
Further reading and information on the Rotherwood Mansion and its history: Bachman, Rev.

Morrison’s Phantom Steeds

February 27, 2017
One of the most notable forgotten plantations in North Carolina was the Carroll Morrison plantation. Some accounts place the ancient estate 25 miles north