The year 1929 is possibly the most infamous year in the Twentieth Century, for the United States. February brought the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. That spring saw a superstorm that showered Oklahoma and Ohio with blizzard-like snows, while it littered the southeastern United States with destructive tornadoes and tempests, all within two days. One of the most notable was the Rye Cove tornado, which happened during this time. October brought Black Tuesday, Black Thursday, and Black Monday, when the Wall Street Crash plunged the nation into the Great Depression. November saw the Grand Banks earthquake in Newfoundland, Canada. December fared no better. For North Carolina, it brought the most heinous familicide in the state’s history. This was no ordinary killing, however. The most startling aspect to this slaughter was the mystery behind both its orchestration, as well as its aftermath.   It Begins Charles Davis Lawson had a large familyRead More →

There is a site off Highway 11-W, just a few miles outside of Rogersville, Tennessee, that has been virtually forgotten. The obscurity, however, does not diminish its history or the events that took place there.Read More →

Vampire lore is one of the most popular forms of folklore and its reach spans the globe. Here’s a tale of ghoulish proportions that was supposed to have taken place in the small town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia.Read More →