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greenWelcome to Virginia Creeper. This is the home for all things Appalachian, from history and folklore to general culture. This website actually began in 2004, but it has gone through many drastic changes since.
The purpose of this website is three-fold. We strive to:

  • Preserve our history and heritage through documentation.
  • Educate on current and former events related to this region.
  • Provide an unbiased perspective of all things Appalachian.

The Appalachian Mountains are vastly historic to America. Unfortunately, yellow journalism and urban sensationalism perpetuate false perceptions and ideas about Appalachian people. From the latter portion of the Nineteenth Century onward, journalists and like-minded individuals nationwide have manipulated, embellished, and even fabricated, tales of Appalachia. Historically, this was done to sell newspapers or half-cocked documentaries. Today the reasons are similar. Reality programming that features individuals below Pennsylvania are contingent upon the persons being “white trash.”

Unfortunately, much of the public still thinks of entertainment, such as the “Beverley Hillbillies,” when these regions are mentioned. We seek to highlight Appalachian innovation, accomplishments, and capabilities without resorting to perpetuating stereotypes.

Outlaws, crimes, characters, and tales of the macabre comprise a good portion of Appalachian history. This spectrum of information also remains some of the least reported and least respected history we have. From fascinating mysteries to serial slayings, famous (and infamous) structures, ghosts, creatures, and disappearances, our complex history truly provides something for everyone.

The Appalachian Mountains are historic, but they’ve also made valuable contributions to life in America. Since Colonial times, these regions provided timber and coal, as well as a wealth of other resources, including mineral and agricultural.

Unfortunately, yellow journalism and sensationalism continue false perceptions and biases against Appalachian people.
In reality, our region is much the same as any other. The Appalachians witnessed feuds, whereas New York City witnessed gang warfare and organized crime. Our outlaws were complex characters, just as those found in the Wild West. People fought for and died for their land here, just as was done in the West and Midwest during settlement. Our moonshiners battled, just as organized crime bosses waged turf wars during Prohibition.

From the latter portion of the Nineteenth Century onward, journalists and like-minded individuals nationwide have manipulated, embellished, and even fabricated tales of Appalachian life. A practice that continues today.


The information featured here focuses on the Central and Southern Appalachian regions, particularly the Tri-Cities region.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  • January 31, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    Believe me southerners have no monopoly on white trash:-) Matter of fact on average I’d say they have better sense then us folks north of Dixie,on average that is,we’re not all liberal Obama supporters as some would believe:-)

    • February 1, 2014 at 10:32 am

      Hi, Alfred! Thanks for visiting.

      Well, that seems to be all that anyone is interested in when it comes to television or documentaries. There’s actually a world of history beyond stereotypes. I hope to highlight that people were just as interesting, flawed, passionate, and alive as the rest of the nation.


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